Products and Services

Products and Services

Innovative software solutions built on industry knowledge. For the last 15 years, we have developed and implemented custom software for home builders. Our software is still the perferred solution for our building partners. At Perimeter 9, we understand residential home building.


Let us create a visually stunning virtual walkthrough of your new home design. Have your customer’s experience the reality of their new home before it is even built.


Let us create 3D cross sections of your new home design. This provides a different perspective to help your customers visualize the design of their new home.


Let us create a 3D Floorplan of your new home design. Does your customers’ vision match what you have designed? Help your customers see the layout and furnishings of their dream home..


Let us create rendered perspectives of your new home design. Whether it’s an exterior or an interior perspective, we can capture a realistic view for your customers. A snapshot of their future home before it’s built.


Working drawings are at the core of all the services we offer. We can generate a full set of drawings to meet your Development or Building permit needs. Working Drawings include elevations, floorplans, and a building section.


Blackline drawings can be created when we have your plan modeled in 3D. These floor plans are commonly used on brochures, websites, and for customer review and changes.

BIMs (Building Information Modeling)

With the 3D model created, we can extract all the quantities built into it. We can provide a schedule of all the windows, doors, or even electrical fixtures.