Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality at Perimeter 9 includes Mobile Apps, Virtual Walkthroughs, 3D Cross Sections, 3D Floorplans and Rendered Perspectives. You can share with your customers and prospects the feel of a new home design before you build it. Work out the kinks in a virtual environment.

Mobile Apps


Let us create and compile 3D sphericals of your new home design. We will bundle it all together into a mobile app that you can share with your customers and prospects. See our work in App Store and Google Play Store. Navigate a 3D spherical. Use your mouse to look around the room and the menu in the top left to switch rooms.


Virtual Walkthroughs


Let us create a visually stunning Virtual Walkthrough of your new home design. Have your customer’s experience the reality of their new home before it is even built.

3D Cross Sections


Let us create 3D Cross Sections of your new home design. This provides a different perspective to help your customers visualize the design of their new home.


3D Floorplan


Let us create a 3D Floorplan of your new home design. Does your customers’ vision match what you have designed? Help your customers see the layout and furnishings of their dream home.


Rendered Perspectives


Let us create Rendered Perspectives of your new home design. Whether it’s an exterior or an interior perspective, we can capture a realistic view for your customers. A snapshot of their future home before it’s built.

Perspective Rendering

Perspective Rendering