Perimeter 9 is new but our group has been developing software for 15 years.

We started out in 2001 as a small in house IT Team that developed software to solve the needs of our company. Residential housing at the time had a variety of programs that were adequate to produce financial results but often were not meeting the needs of the users both inside and outside of the company.  In fact, it felt like they were working for technology instead of technology working for them.

Our goal since the beginning was to simplify and make everyone’s job easier.  We were constantly on the lookout for good software in the market but there was nothing that seemed much better than what we had.  We knew we needed something better.

So we decided to do it ourselves.  We started out taking small steps.  By this time, we had gained some experience in how the residential industry worked by looking at processes, re-implementing the current software and actually doing some of the operational tasks.

In 2004 we developed OnTrack to solve the biggest pain point at the time –  documentation of the information that was used to build a house. IT WORKED.  In six months we planned, developed and implemented a website that we had 95% of our trades and suppliers using. Some of those users were buying computers and printers for the first time but saw that it would benefit them so got on board very quickly.

Since that time we have added pieces to our software package to solve the next biggest pain point one at a time.  We followed the same process of plan, develop and implement and by 2014 the company had OnTrack was helping them do their jobs from start of sale to end of warranty.  The only outside software left was the estimating and accounting package.

By this time the IT Team had grown as well and we were looking at next steps.  We had no desire to develop an accounting package as there are many out there that do the job extremely well.  We were now working on the estimating package so we needed to decide where to go next. Over the years we were constantly getting feedback from staff and trades and suppliers about how easy OnTrack was to work with.

So the next step was obvious let’s share our knowledge and expertise with the rest of the residential home building industry.  Thus the start of Perimeter 9.