Construction management is essentially the planning, scheduling, implementing and controlling of a projects time, resources and costs. Construction projects are made up of hundreds of interdependent tasks with a specific order that they must occur. Success in construction management begins with a well thought out plan, the secret to a good plan for construction; build it before you build it.

Construction projects however never unfold exactly how they are planned. Success in construction management allows for deviation from an organized plan as it is being implemented. The key to success here is the timely revisions to the project plan, updating the schedules and budgets accordingly and then implementing the changes without missing a beat in the project.

Thus, information dissemination through schedule control and the inherent cost control that comes with it, are two of the most important management functions in construction as in any industry. Companies spend millions trying to develop procedures for improving the effectiveness of schedule and budget control. The problem is that for such a core business function, there is an inherent lack of technology that can aid in effective scheduling and budget decision making. Inadequate schedule control can manifest in increase costs, increased timelines and ultimately a less efficient process.

To more effectively schedule projects and in due course control costs, Perimeter 9 is creating a compatible and readily available scheduling, budgeting and information sharing application that can allow us to schedule any project to its optimum performance level and provide analytics on that information. By doing so, building companies like the ones we work with, can make better business decisions and thus reduce costs and increase efficiency.

No industry can be productive and cost effective without a sound plan. Effective planning is fundamental in any business especially home building, it’s a complex process that covers a wide variety of activities and ensures that resources, equipment, materials and human resources are available to complete the required work. Schedule and budget planning, helps you know where you’re going and how long it will take to get there.

By using Perimeter 9’s software to help build and analyze more efficient schedules and budgets we will enable residential construction companies to run more efficient jobs and make better cost control decisions based on their schedules. Our technology will help to reduce overhead costs associated with any large work force required to manage and analyze schedules and budgets. It will also allow building companies to easily find the most efficient schedule path for multiple projects with multiple inputs and limited resources. Being able to schedule and budget so efficiently means that these companies will be able to:

  • Reduce labor and labor costs by eliminating wasted time and improving process flow.
  • Optimize equipment usage and capitalize on capacity.
  • Improve on-time delivery of products and services reducing holding costs
  • Increase efficiency by determining optimal loading thresholds.
  • Utilizes resources and human resources to their full potential.

We at Perimeter 9 are currently working to create a scheduling, budgeting and information distribution application that will improve efficiency, reduce scheduling errors, improved planning quality and timeliness and will be flexible enough to be readily available to any authorized user and compatible with any company.

Stayed tuned for this future game changer and more advances from Perimeter 9.

Karli W.