At Perimeter 9, we work with the latest 3D drafting software. We can transform your existing 2D plan or any new floor plan into a 3D model. From that we can generate a set of working drawings, marketing images and even start you off on BIM. The future of drafting is already here at Perimeter 9.

Working Drawings


This is the core of all the services we offer. We can generate a full set of drawings to meet your Development or Building permit needs. Working Drawings include elevations, floorplans, and a building section.

Working Drawings Main Floor

Blackline Floorplans


Blacklines can be created now that we have your plan modeled in 3D. These floor plans are commonly used on brochures, websites, and for customer review and changes.

Blackline Floorplan Main Floor

Building Information Modeling – BIM


With the 3D model created, we can extract all the quantities built into it. We can provide a schedule of all the windows, doors, or even electrical fixtures.

Interior Door Schedule