A happy employee is a productive employee.

Why is an employee happy at Perimeter 9?

My answer would be,

If you are able to balance your work and family time, inevitably the employee will turn happily productive. That is what I have found at Perimeter 9.  Perimeter 9 has a diverse culture in itself. Perimeter 9 believes in using every mode of communication to get the job done quickly. Here, the decisions are quick and you are a part of it. Everyone is given equal opportunity to exhibit their talent, and raise their opinions and give opinions in a difficult situation. Every employee’s opinion is taken into consideration before making a decision.

Everyone who works at Perimeter 9 is, by default, an expert in our space.

About Perimeter 9

We are one of the global leaders for bringing your thoughts into reality without much effort and time. We develop housing software according to industry standards with excellence.

Having had experience in interacting with layman to tech-savvy, will talk about things we are expertise in.

So let’s talk about our products and what our clients benefit from it.

What’s one of the challenge’s in todays World?

Organising jobs, collaboration with others, and managing time. If you are the one who believes time is money. Here’s what we have, to efficiently manage time at the site and get the job done as per schedule. – That’s our Scheduling Product.

So what’s the next big challenge? Organising Inflow and outflow of material, Reports, Fund Flow, Documentation, Handling customer queries, Accounting, Purchasing, Estimating, Drafting, Site Supervisors, in essence managing day to day work in business. We have a test proven system that has worked for more than 14 years with continuous integration to make the product better and better. For a home builder this is a complete package, name it we have it – That’s our OnTrack Product.

OnTrack has tremendous potential which suits for small business to big businesses. Our Goal is to provide an easy user-interface and reduce all the paper work and document and manage day to day work easily and efficiently.

Our Customer Success team is exclusively dedicated to help the clients to manage work more effectively and efficiently.

What’s my job here?

Well to Develop, Analyse, Restructure, Re-Invent according to the business needs.

What Technologies do we use?

Microsoft Technologies and Open Source Technologies. Our Software is not limited to any technology. If a technology has something good to lend, we are ready to borrow it and make it available to our clients.

Latest technology and easy user interactions is the key for our success stories.

Having said that, it is time to learn new technology.  Namaste

By Navya